The wheels make a car

As the saying goes, wheels make a car. But not only for that reason, it is important to take care of them regularly. Safety always comes first. Wheels are the only thing that connects a vehicle to the road. Alloy disks are exposed to various contaminants which, if neglected for maintenance, can cause the protective layer - paint and oxidation to devour. If we combine it with high temperature and road salt, the problem is in the world. In this case, the condition is already irreversible. Keep in mind that the wheels suffer the most from the whole part of the vehicle. If you have wheels with a special surface layer (chrome) or polished, in which case there is no protective layer on them and damage may occur sooner. Regular maintenance of the wheels and applying protection to the tires and electrons will extend their life and at the same time give the vehicle a great look.

Step # 1 Cleaning

Project F - FreshWheelz is an effective wheel cleaner that is suitable for regular maintenance. Thanks to its pleasant aroma, it differs from the competition and it is a pleasure to work with. This wheel cleaner is designed on an alkaline basis and with a formula that releases brake dust and other impurities. It is especially suitable for standard painted electrons. If possible, we work in the shadows. Shake the cleaner and apply it to the cold electron using a sprayer. Leave on for 2-3 minutes depending on the outside temperature and surface temperature. We do not allow the product to dry. Similarly, we work with the universal cleaner Project F - AllCLEEN, which we shake and apply to the wheel tire. It is a universal cleaner in concentrated form, which easily handles dirt on the tires. There may be dust, grease, mud and the like. Using the Project F detailing brush - Leather brush, we brush the tire. With a high-pressure cleaner, rinse the wheel with a stream of water. This way we get rid of coarse dirt, which could in combination with the detailing brush could cause. scratches. Again, apply the cleaner to the rinsed electron surface. To release dirt we use a detailing brush Project F - HardBrush, with painted black electrons, we must be more careful for visual reasons. Scratches on the surface are much more visible on black electrons than in the case of classic silver shades. Here we choose the detailing brush Project F - SoftBrush, which has finer nylon bristles. For the rear, inaccessible part of the wheels, we will use the Project F - RedDash wheel brush. Again, rinse the entire wheel with a stream of water with a high-pressure cleaner.

Project F - WashIT

Wheel cleaning products

Project F - RinzME - riedenie

TarOFF asphalt and adhesive remover

Step No.2 Decontamination

We release the asphalt, which is located on the electron, using a special preparation Project F - TarOFF. We apply the product using the Project F - DarkWAX applicator to the surface, by the method of pressing, omitting plastic parts (wheel covers) and tires. Let it work. To release, we will again use a pair of Project F - HardBrush or Project F - SoftBrush brushes. We can also use a microfiber cloth Project F - FLUFFY, which is thick, has a long hair, thanks to which we minimize the possibility of scratches. Rinse the wheel with a high-pressure cleaner and a stream of water.

Step No.3 Drying and protection

We assume that you have washed the whole vehicle and you are in the process of finishing - drying and applying protection. If the wheel is wet, an air compressor is ideal for drying (mostly for drying tires and calipers) and for drying electrons it is a drying towel. Here you will find two types of microfiber towels - Project F - PuffedDRY and waffle Project F - PerfectDRY. After the electron and tire have dried, we can move on to applying the protection. Project F - SikTIRE tire gel, which is applied using the Project F - DarkWAX applicator, will serve as top protection for the tire. This tire gel gives the tire the right look. Thanks to the recipe of oils and waxes, it lasts a long time. Last but not least, we will use the Project F detailer - SlickLOOK, a detailer with easy application and added synthetic polymers, which will ensure excellent water drainage. This prevents dirt and brake dust from binding to the electron. This makes wheel maintenance much easier and less frequent. Spray the detailer with a spray bottle and wipe with a Project F - FLUFFY microfiber cloth.

Wheel drying - drying towel and detailer