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PROJECT F ® - WashMitt

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The best choice for washing your vehicle is a microfiber glove. This wash glove has foam-filled inside to absorb as much water as possible when washing the car with a car shampoo. Conventional sponges cannot absorb dirt from the body surface and have a flat surface, soiling the dirt, resulting in scratched paint on the vehicle. A high quality microfiber glove can safely absorb dirt so that you do not scratch the body surface. Washing glove in conjunction with a high-quality car shampoo will achieve top-notch and especially gentle washing of your vehicle.



Important! Always wash your hands or washing machine separately from your clothes. Do not use fabric softener (fabric softener) to leave the product's original characteristics. Dry freely in the air.

Material: microfiber + foam

Size: height 30 cm x width 20 cm

Color: White

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