PROJECT F ® - WashIT - PH Neutral Shampoo

PROJECT F ® - WashIT - PH Neutral Shampoo

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An extra thick, concentrated auto shampoo that effectively dissolves dirt while being gentle to protective coatings such as waxes and seals. Thanks to the added lubricants, your lacquer is protected from scratches during washing.



Features WashIT - PH Neutral Shampoo:

Extra thick, highly frightening, concentrated car shampoo Recipe developed directly in Slovakia. Added lubricants for paint protection Sweet penetrating smell: bubblegum (chewing gum) Color: blood-red


  1. The washed surface must be cold to the touch.
  2. If possible work in the shade.
  3. Shake well before using.
  4. Rinse the vehicle from bottom to top.
  5. Using a wash glove together with a prescribed shampoo (recommended dilution is 40ml of shampoo in 10l of warm water), wash the vehicle from the top down.
  6. Then rinse again with water from the top down.
  7. For a perfect result, we recommend that you dry the vehicle after washing with a Project-F - Perfect DRY suction towel.

Dilution: recommended dilution is 40ml of shampoo in 10l of warm water. Warning! Keep out of the reach of children. Don't freeze, keep at room temperature. Use the product within 12 months from the date of opening.

Volume: 500 ml

Country of origin: Slovak Republic

4 Reviews

Ověřený zákazník
Produkt dorazil v poriadku komunikácia s obchodním dobrá dodanie rýchle bohužial ešte som ho nepoužil tak nemôžem hodnotit.

Overený zákazník
Pravidelne objednavam, super sampon

Overený zákazník

Overený zákazník
Používam do napeňovača, super produkt

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